2016 Winter Conference on Business Intelligence
Snowbird, Utah, March 3 - 5

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March 3, Thursday Event (all held at Snowbird's Cliff Lodge)
4:45 pm - 5:00 pm Welcome (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Chair: Chong Oh, Assistant: Anwar Chutoo
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Dinner Reception (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
March 4, Friday  
7:00 am Breakfast (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
7:30 am - 9:00 am
Session I: Network, text and economic analysis for social media and media (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
Jesse Shore, Jiye Baek and Chris Dellarocas: Political slant and network structure on Twitter
Kelly Hewett, William Rand, Roland Rust and Van Heerde Harald: Brand Buzz in the Echoverse
Shiyao Wang, Kang Zhao, Ion Vasi and Qi Zhang: Concurrent diffusion of information and behaviors in online social networks
Yuanyang Liu, Gautam Pant and Olivia Sheng: Predicting Human Capital Movement With LinkedIn Profiles
9:00 am - 9:10 am 10 mins break
9:10 am - 10:40 am
Session II: Content and Resources Analysis (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
Chair: Olivia Sheng, Assistant: Yang Wang
Marios Kokkodis and Theodoros Lappas: Understanding the Process of Generating Online Content for Increasing User Participation
Tomer Geva, Harel Lustinger and Maytal Saar-Tsechansky: More For Less: Adaptive Labeling Cost Policy For Online Labor Markets
Konstantina Valogianni, Alok Gupta, Wolfgang Ketter, Soumya Sen and Eric Van Heck: Using Optimal Grid Resources for Coordinating Electrical Vehicle Charging
Karthik Babu Nattamai Kannan, Yu Jeffrey Hu and Sridhar Narasimhan: Impact of Promoting Free Wi-Fi on Mobile Data Usage: Evidence from a Field Experiment
10:40 am Optional winter sports
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Session III: Research Highlights (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
Chair: Bradden Blair, Assistant: Anwar Chutoo
Christoph Willing, Gunther Gust, Tobias Brandt, Sebastian Wagner and Dirk Neumann: Business Intelligence for Location-Based Services - Enabling User-Based Relocation of Carsharing Vehicles
Gediminas Adomavicius, Jesse Bockstedt, Shawn Curley and Jingjing Zhang: Effects of Personalized Recommendations versus Online Word-of-Mouth on Consumer Preferences
Onochie Fan-Osuala, Daniel Zantedeschi and Wolfgang Jank: How does campaign strategy and structure affect post-funding performance of crowdfunded ventures? A case of private goods on Kickstarter
Pouya Rahmati, Ali Tafti and Christopher Westland: How Do Firms Digitize through Inter-firm Relationships? Network positioning and Digital Complexity
Derck Koolen, Liangfei Qiu and Wolf Ketter: Decision making under information revelation policies in electricity markets: theory and experimental evidence
Aindrila Chakraborty, Sudip Bhattacharjee, James Marsden and Ramesh Shankar: Predictive Models to measure the Impact of Fiber-Optic Broadband Expansion on Local Towns and Municipalities
Zuyin Alvin Zheng, Marius Florin Niculescu and Paul A. Pavlou: The Effect of “Freemium” on Customer Retention and Loyalty in the Software Industry
Shaobai Jiang and Zhengrui Jiang: Examining Price Competition in Online Hotel Booking Market
Rong Zheng and Yeuk Yin Chan: You like what you hear: using movie content to improve movie recommender systems
6:30 pm Dinner (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
March 5, Saturday  
7:00 am Breakfast (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
7:30 am - 9:00 am
Session IV: Text Mining and Business Analytics (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
Chair: Don Wardell, Assistant: Xi Wang
Tao Chen and Jeffrey Parsons: Extracting Product Attributes and Sentiment from Online Product Reviews
Thomas Lee: Context-Sensitive Topic Modeling of Customer Purchase Histories with General Domain Knowledge
Young Kwark, Gene Moo Lee, Paul Pavlou and Liangfei Qiu: Analyzing the Spillover Roles of User-Generated Reviews on Purchases: Evidence from Clickstream Data
Mochen Yang, Gediminas Adomavicius, Gordon Burtch and Yuqing Ren: Mind the Gap: Accounting for Measurement Error and Misclassification in Variables Generated via Data Mining
9:00 am - 9:10 am 10 mins break
9:10 am - 10:40 am
Session V: Mining usage and auction data(Venue: Primrose, Level C)
Zhuohua Chen, Yinghui Yang and Hongyan Liu: Mobile App Recommendation: Maximize the Total App Downloads
Yicheng Song, Nachiketa Sahoo and Elie Ofek: Discovering Content: A Multi-Category Utility Model of Consumer Response to Recommendations
Sungho Park, Sang Pil Han, Wonseok Oh and Jae Yun Moon: Mining E-Book Reading Patterns: An Integrated Model of Consumption and Demand Estimation for Electronic Books
Bernd Skiera and Steffen Foersch: The Impact of Hard- and Soft-Floors in Real-Time Advertising Display Auctions on Publisher’s Profit
10:40 am Optional winter sports
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Session VI: Analysis for Social Ties, Prostitution, Entrepreneurship and Digital Paywall (Venue: Primrose, Level C)
Chair: Xiao Fang, Assistant: Yang Wang
Ravi Bapna, Liangfei Qiu and Sarah Rice: Repeated Interactions vs. Social Ties: Quantifying the Economic Value of Trust, Forgiveness, and Reputation Using a Field Experiment
Probal Mojumder, Jason Chan and Anindya Ghose: The Digital Sin City: An Empirical Study of Craigslist’s Impact on Prostitution Trends
Gordon Burtch, Seth Carnahan and Brad Greenwood: Can You Gig It? Yes You Can (An Empirical Examination of the Gig Economy and Entrepreneurship)
Sinan Aral and Paramveer Dhillon: Digital Paywall Design: Subscription Rates and Cross Channel Demand Elasticities at the New York Times
6:30 pm Closing Dinner and Poster Award Presentation (Venue: Golden Cliff, Level B)

List of posters
1 Zhe Shan and Rong Liu A Collaborative Filtering Method to Improve the Incident Handling in IT Service Management
2 Marios Kokkodis, Theodoros Lappas and Konstantinos Pelechrinis The Invisible Barrier: The Effect of Promoting Agencies on Sales in Electronic Markets
3 Nicolas Pröllochs, Stefan Feuerriegel and Dirk Neumann How Emotional and Cognitive Biases in Investors' Perceptions Impact the Stock Markets
5 Gunther Gust, Christoph Flath, Philipp Ströhle, Tobias Brandt and Dirk Neumann Soft Analytics: The Art of Practicing Big Data
6 Pranay Jinna Attraction, Participation and Retention in Online Communities: An Ecological Perspective
7 Seyyedeh Neda Derakhshani, Theodoros Lappas and Chrysanthos Dellarocas How Does Reputation Affect the Quality and Focus of User Contributions? An Analysis of Online Q&A Communities
8 Jurica Babic, Arthur Carvalho, Wolfgang Ketter and Vedran Podobnik Modeling Smart Parking Lots through a Discrete-Event Simulation
9 Jesse Shore Network structure and success in innovation tournaments
11 Xiang Hui The Distributional Impacts of Entry Cost: A Randomized Field Experiment
12 Ross Gruetzemacher and Ashish Gupta Using Deep Learning for Detection of Pulmonary Nodules
13 Vanja Smailovic and Vedran Podobnik SmartSocial Influence: A Synergy of Telco and Social Data in Identifying Social Network Key Actors
14 Rajeev Kumar An Approach for Selecting Optimum Marketing Strategies across Customers
15 Simon Jonas Alfano, Pascal Stichler, Stefan Feuerriegel and Dirk Neumann Mind or Gut? The Interplay of Cognitive and Fundamental Drivers in Price Formation
18 Sanaz Bahargam and Theodoros Lappas Profiling the Different Types of Data Scientists: Which One is Right for You?
19 Sang Pil Han, Wonseok Oh, Hyunji So and Jinpyo Hong Digital Temptation and Self-Control
20 Yang Wang, Xi Wang, Olivia Sheng and Kang Zhao When Harry Met Sally: Predicting Product Adoption based on the Seller-Buyer Relationship in S-Commerce
21 Jiahui Mo, Sumit Sarkar and Syam Menon The Impact of Competing Tasks in Crowdsourcing Contests

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