2016 Winter Conference on Business Intelligence
Snowbird, Utah, March 3 - 5

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Abstracts / Papers

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Contact Namesort descendingContact EmailTitle of PaperPaper / Abstract
Nicolas Pröllochsnicolas.proellochs@is.uni-freiburg.de(P3) How Emotional and Cognitive Biases in Investors' Perceptions Impact the Stock Markets Download abstract
Mochen Yangyang3653@umn.edu(IV.4) Mind the Gap: Accounting for Measurement Error and Misclassification in Variables Generated via Data Mining Download abstract
Gunther Gustgunther.gust@is.uni-freiburg.de(P5) Soft Analytics: The Art of Practicing Big Data Download abstract
Gunther Gustgunther.gust@is.uni-freiburg.de(III.1) Business Intelligence for Location-Based Services - Enabling User-Based Relocation of Carsharing Vehicles Download abstract
Xiang Huihui.40@osu.edu(P11) The Distributional Impacts of Entry Cost: A Randomized Field Experiment Download abstract
Brad Greenwood(VI.3) Can You Gig It? Yes You Can (An Empirical Examination of the Gig Economy and Entrepreneurship) Download abstract
Jiahui Momojiahui@gmail.com(P21) The Impact of Competing Tasks in Crowdsourcing Contests Download abstract
Gene Moo Leegene.lee@uta.edu(IV.3) Analyzing the Spillover Roles of User-Generated Reviews on Purchases: Evidence from Clickstream Data Download abstract
Zhuohua Chenchenzhhthu@gmail.com(V.1) Mobile App Recommendation: Maximize the Total App Downloads Download abstract
Ross Gruetzemacherfyd513@mocs.utc.edu(P12) Using Deep Learning for Detection of Pulmonary Nodules Download abstract
Rajeev Kumar(P14) An Approach for Selecting Optimum Marketing Strategies across Customers Download abstract
Probal Mojumdermojum003@umn.edu(VI.2) The Digital Sin City: An Empirical Study of Craigslist’s Impact on Prostitution Trends Download abstract

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