2013 Winter Conference on Business Intelligence
Snowbird, Utah, February 28 - March 2

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Contact Namesort descendingContact EmailTitle of PaperPaper Abstract
Kang Zhaokang-zhao@uiowa.eduRecommendation in Reciprocal Bipartite Social Networks for Online DatingDownload abstract
Jiao Xujiao.xu@scheller.gatech.eduNews Media Platforms: Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from Mobile Phone UsageDownload abstract
Shawndra Hillshawndra@wharton.upenn.eduSocial TV Recommender SystemDownload abstract
Alan Hevnerahevner@usf.eduConsumer Switching Behaviors: An Empirical Study of Perceived and Real PainDownload abstract
Shawndra Hillshawndrahill@gmail.comDesigning Social TV Content That Promotes Ongoing WOMDownload abstract
Shawndra Hillshawndrahill@gmail.comReal-Time Social Media Response to TV AdvertisingDownload abstract
Ali Taftiatafti@illinois.eduReal-time Diffusion of Information on Twitter and the Financial MarketsDownload abstract
Shawn Curleycurley@umn.eduEffects of Online Recommendations on Consumers’ Willingness to PayDownload abstract
YIXIN LUylu@rsm.nlBuy It Now or Later: The Impact of Mari on Multi-unit Sequential Dutch AuctionsDownload abstract
Bassam M. AbuAl-Foulbabufoul@aus.eduForecasting Energy Demand: The Case of United Arab EmiratesDownload abstract
Brad Greenwoodbrad.n.greenwood@gmail.comCOURAGE Under Fire: Physician Reaction, and Over-Reaction, to the Release of Medical TrialsDownload abstract
Marios Kokkodismkokkodi@stern.nyu.eduCredibility Dimensions in Online ReviewsDownload abstract
Layinah Bouayadlbouayad@usf.eduMedical Audit under the "Sentinel Effect”Download abstract
Prem Swarooppswaroop@rhsmith.umd.eduRetweets, Mentions and Follows: A User Behavior ModelDownload abstract
Jingjing Zhangjjzhang@indiana.eduImpact of Product Consumption Patterns on Recommender Systems Performance: An Agent-Based Modeling ApproachDownload abstract
Hung Tranhung-trv@uiowa.eduDiscovering Target Stakeholders of Firm's TweetsDownload abstract
Rajeev Kumarrkumar@kutztown.eduOptimum Self-Targeted AdvertisingDownload abstract
Xiaohan Zhangxzhang@stern.nyu.eduEstimating Audience Interest Distribution based on Audience Web BehaviorDownload abstract
Vincent Davidvdavid@stern.nyu.eduThe Anatomy and Dynamics of Vision AdvantagesDownload abstract
Lynn Wuwulynn@wharton.upenn.eduWho Benefits from Social Media? Network-biased Technical ChangeDownload abstract

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