2012 Winter Conference on Business Intelligence
Snowbird, Utah, March 1 - 3

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March 01, Thursday Event (all held at Snowbird's Cliff Lodge)
5:30 pm Reception (Superior Lobby)
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm Session I: Poster slam (Superior Rooms A & B) View list of posters
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm Poster session (Superior Lobby)
March 02, Friday  
Before 7:30 am Breakfast (Magpie Room)
7:30 am - 9:10 am Session II: Networks I (Magpie Room)
Calin, Palme, Sutanto, Dellarocas: Uncovering the laws of the link economy: what factors affect click-through and user retention rates
Bapna and Umyarov: Are paid subscriptions on music social networks contagious?
Hashim, Kannan and Maximiano: Information targeting and coordination in a multi-threshold public goods game
Kokkodis, Ipeirotis, Ghose: Predicting future performance using inter-catgeory reputation
9:10 am - 9:20 am 10 mins break
9:20 am - 10:35 am Session III: Healthcare (Magpie Room)
Bardhan, Kirksey, Oh and Zheng: Predictive Model for readmission of patients with congestive heart failure
Padmanabhan and Hevner: Exploring churn
Chen and Lee: Mining emergency department patient flows to select candidates for point of care testing
10:50 am Optional winter sports
5:30 pm - 7:10 pm Session IV: Networks II (Magpie Room)
Provost, Martens, Murray: Geo-social network advertising
Sharara, Rand and Getoor: Differential Adaptive Diffusion: viral marketing
Aral and Taylor: Viral incentive systems: randomized field experiment
Sumita, Sheng, Yoshii and Valentine: Online opinion divide or convergence: cross country comparison
7:15 pm Dinner (Summit Room)
March 03, Saturday  
Before 7:30 am Breakfast (Magpie Room)
7:30 am - 9:10 am Session V: Online advertising and auctions (Magpie Room)
Chen and Stallaert: Economic analysis of online advertising using behavioral targeting
Gedas and Zhang: Improving stability of recommender systems
Lu, Ketter, van Dalen, Gupta and van Heck: An empirical model of multi-unit sequential dutch flower auctions
Bhargava and Ramachandran: Weekend effect in search advertising?
9:10 am - 9:20 am 10 mins break
9:20 am - 10:35 am Session VI: Cross channel impacts (Magpie Room)
Hu and Smith: The impact of ebook distribution on print sales
Acquisiti: Will Johnny Facebook get a job?
Brynjolfsson, Hitt and Kim: Strength in Numbers: how does data driven decision-making affect firm performance
10:50 am Optional winter sports
6:00 pm Closing dinner (Arie Restaurant)

List of posters
Bai, Bhattacharjee, Boylu, Gopal Improving multiple store product portfolios and performance
Bapna, Gopal, Kumar and Tung An option based risk management approach for online auction sellers
Bapna, Gupta, Ray, Wagle How do IT service firms grow?
Chellappa, Sin, and Sambamurthy Has The "Golden Rule" Lost Its Aura? Revisiting Multimarket Contact in the U.S. Domestic Airline Industry
Greenwood and Gopal Tigerblood: availability cascades, new firm foundation and the acquisition of venture capital
Hill, Benton, Ungar, Macskassy, Chung, Holmes A Cluster-based Method for Isolating Influence
Kuhlman Psycho-analytics: emerging trends in the optimization of cognitive and emotional data
Lu, Ba, Feng Self-promotion or word of mouth? Evidence from online restaurant reviews
Prawesh and Padmanabhan Analysis of probabilistic new recommender systems
Retana, Narasimhan, Niculescu, Wu Measuring the value of cloud scalability and technical support
Saunders and Tambe The value of data: evidence from text mining 10-Ks
Taylor and Aral Peer effects and the dynamics of product use
Zhang, Susarla, Krishnan Dynamic analysis of competition between content creators in social media platforms
Zhu and Chau Finding people who retweet

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