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Utah 2nd Winter Information Systems Conference


Conference Papers



Presenter and University


NetVizer System: Supporting the Comprehension of Topological Features of a Social Network (presentation)

Bin Zhu

Boston University

Evolutionary Patterns and Cycles in Technology Ecosystems (presentation)

Gediminas Adomavicius

University of Minnesota

Information, Technology and Information Worker Productivity: Task Level Evidence (presentation)

Sinan Aral

MIT Sloan School


IT and Business Process Change in Corporate Travel: Implications for Business Intelligence (presentation)

Alina Chircu

Univ. of Texas at Dallas

Second Opinions and Online Consultations (presentation)

Kemal Altinkemer

Purdue University

Semantic Retrieval of Medical Records Related to Patient Symptoms (presentation)

Huiming Zhao

Univ. of Wisconsin at Milwaukee


Viral Marketing: Identifying likely adopters via consumer networks (presentation)


Shawndra Hill

New York University

Using a Hybrid Lexical Model to Find and Name Entities in Finance Documents (presentation)

Daniel McDonald

University of Arizona

Interest-based Personalized Search (presentation)

Zhongming Ma

University of Utah



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