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Utah 2nd Winter Information Systems Conference


Logistics Issues


With this document, I am providing logistic information for the conference.  Please feel free to contact me (Olivia.sheng@business.utah.edu, 801-518-1977, 801-792-2248 or 801-585-9071) for any further question you might have.  I look forward to seeing you all soon!


Transportation To University Guest House


Please find information on shuttle services to access the University Guest House and Conference Center at http://www.guesthouse.utah.edu/transportation.htm.  For a shuttle service, I would recommend Express Shuttle (1.800.397.0773). They require 24 hour advance notice, and charge $12/person then $4 for every additional person.   The University Guest House has 24-hr front-desk staff.


Transportation Between UU and Snowsport Resorts


The conference will transport participants to and from Ski Resorts with four minivans.  The drivers are staff members of the Global Knowledge Management Center (GKMC) and faculty and students of the David Eccles School of Business that have complied with the training and risk management requirements of University of Utah.  Some of the minivans will stop by the ski rental – Breeze at the foothill location to pick up and drop off snowsport rentals on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Please reserve at the foothill location only. To obtain 20% online rental discount, 20day advance reservation will be required.   We are contacting participants attending the reception separately about transportation arrangements.


Information for Presenters and Discussants


Paper presentations are scheduled to be 30 minutes long, except that Ph.D. students’ presentations are limited to 20 minuets long.  Each paper presentation will be followed by a discussant’s comments/presentation for up to 5 minutes leaving 5 minutes for Q/A and transition. Each panelist’s presentation will be up to 10 minutes long leaving the balance of the session to Q/A and discussion.


A notebook will be available for PPT presentation.  Please bring your presentation on a flash disk or send it to Zhuo Yang (pactzy@business.utah.edu) or me by email in advance.


Snowsport Information


o       Ski Rental – we recommend renting skis/snowboards for multiple days at Breeze.  You can rent for March 3rd and 4th only but pick up after 2 pm on March 2nd.  Please reserve at the foothill location only. To obtain 20% online rental discount, 20day advance reservation will be required.  For single day rental, it would be most convenient to rent at the resort of your choice on your snowsport day.


o       Climate/clothing – the high of day will be in the high 40s to low 50s on March 2nd and 3rd dropping to low 40s on March 4th.  The temperature at the base of the lifts is likely to be in the 20s for the high.  It is expected to be windy with snow on late Friday and throughout Sat. Please prepare warm snowsport clothing. I cannot say this will be the best snowsport weather but the company will be first-class!


o       Snowsport lessons – please visit websites of the ski resorts – www.skibrighton.com, www.deervalley.com, and www.parkcitymountain.com/winter/index.html for information on lessons.  Please coordinate your ski rentals based on whether your lessons include rentals. 


The Brighton Ski Resort is a low key resort but good for beginners to learn and become confident.  Advanced skiers will also find enough challenging courses there.  Parking and getting around is fairly convenient there.  Lucky snowboarders pay attention here. Brighton has lots of setups other than halfpipes for fun snowboarding!


The Deer Valley is a upper-class resort with well groomed runs that both beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers love. It is for skiing only. The runs are wide and gentle for beginners but also allow for high-speed and fun skiing.  All lifts will be closed by 4 pm.


The Park City Mountain Resort is a popular world class resort.  A wide choices of runs.  You can access some lifts until 7 pm dependent on your lift tickets.


o       Lift tickets – discount lift tickets will be available for regular conditions – e.g., regular full day and all lifts. For half-day, long-day, beginner areas, or child lift tickets don’t have discounts and have to be purchased at the resorts.

Food and Drinks at the Conference


Free continental breakfasts are available at the University Guest House. Please get your breakfast before the sessions.  We will provide coffee, water, fruits and one kind of breakfast snack in the meeting room for morning sessions. Before boarding the minivans, we will distribute lunch boxes for participants to enjoy on the bus or at the resorts.  Vegetarian lunch boxes will be available. There will also be some snacks, sodas and bottled water for participants to pick up if needed for the trip to the resorts. Dinners will be provided at the venues indicated in the program. Alcohol drinks will not be available at March 3rd’s dinner. March 4th’s buffet dinner doesn’t cover alcohol drinks, but the drinks are available for purchase.   


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