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Winter Information Systems Conference

Conference Papers

Session I - 1 Building and Querying Large Collections of Data Mining Models
Discussion by Olivia Sheng
Alexander Tuzhilin, Bing Liu, Jie Hu
Session I - 2 THE STRATEGIC IMPLICATIONS OF MENTAL ACCOUNTING Sridhar Balasubramanian, Kerem Tomak
Session I - 3 Toward a Patient-to-Doctor (P2D) Electronic Marketplace Kemal Altinkemer, Prabuddha De, Zafer D. Özdemir
Online Consultations and Second Opinions for Consumers Zafer D. Özdemir, M. Tolga Akçura, Kemal Altinkemer
Session I - 4 On Learning Parsimonious Models for Extracting Consumer Opinions
Presentation   Discussion by Gediminas Adomavicius
Xue Bai, Rema Padman, Edoardo Airoldi
Session II - 1 Improving Web Catalog Design for Easy Product Search
Presentation Discussion by Xiao Fang
I. Robert Chiang and Manuel A. Nunez
Session II - 2 Ontology induction for mining experiential knowledge from customer reviews
Thomas Lee
Session II - 3 ABACUS: Agent-Based Cognitive Computational Processes for Organizational Learning - Towards Business Process Intelligence J. Leon Zhao and Huimin Zhao
Session III - 1 GHIC: A Hierarchical Pattern Based Clustering Algorithm for Grouping Web Transactions Yinghui Yang, Balaji Padmanabhan
On the Discovery of Significant Statistical Quantitative Rules Hong Zhang, Balaji Padmanabhan, Alexander Tuzhilin
Session III - 2 A New Perspective on Recommender Systems A Random Graph Theory Approach Presentation Zan Huang, Daniel Zeng, Hsinchun Chen
Session III - 3 Vulnerabilities and Risk Management of Open Source Software: An Empirical Study
Discussion by Alina Chircu
Kemal Altinkemer, Jackie Rees, Sanjay Sridhar

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