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Winter Information Systems Conference

Logistics Issues

Conference Facility

Thanks to the generous support from DESB, the inaugurating conference will provide three nights of lodging at UUís Guest House facility (www.guesthouse.utah.edu) and meals at the conference.Participants are only responsible for other travel, registration ($250), and skiing expenses.Please look up at www.guesthouse.utah.edu for location and transportation information.


Conference Registration

Please fill in and return the attached registration form following the instruction by February 25.In case you are staying for more than three nights at the Guest House, please pay for the additional nights of stay when you check out. We will make reservation under your name based on the information you provide in registration.


Ski Resorts

Any winter resorts in Utah are world-class.We may try different resorts over the years.This year, we will ski/snowboard at Snowbird (http://www.snowbird.com/) on March 11 and at Park city Mountain Resort (http://www.parkcitymountain.com/winter/) on March 12.These two resorts offer more dining and shopping facilities when participants donít ski than a few others in the same proximities.Please visit their websites for trail maps, ski conditions and ski/snowboard lesson information.


Ski/Snowboard Rentals

We plan to take participants to SkiíN SeeSki Rental (http://www.skinsee.com/locations.html) to rent skis. We can rent the skis and snowboards at Fort Union on Friday (March 11), and return them to the Park City store on Saturday (March 12). Discounted ski pass also available here. I encourage that you make rental reservation ahead of time to get discounts on your rental.Please return to rent at Fort Union.We can pick up lift tickets at the rental place on March 11.


March 10 Dinner Reception

All participants are invited to join a causal dinner reception at Oliviaís home.We can pick up participants at the Guest House at 5:45 pm.If you wish to drive yourself, I can give you directions to the place.Please come to kick off the fun spirit of the conference.

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