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WebSphere Portal Server and Portlets Project


The NullPointerException LinksBuilder Fix!!!

For the NullPointerException and com.ibm.iwt.linksbuilder.LinksBuilder problem, click this link

Portal Redbooks by IBM

Portlet Tutorials

Servlet to portlet communication and implementation

Creating Multiple portlets in a single WAR file

These tutorials are for older versions of Portal Server and WS App Server, but might be insightful (thanks to Jonathan for these)

Portlet Development for Websphere Portal Server 1.2 Tutorial, Part 1

Portlet Development for Websphere Portal Server 1.2 Tutorial, Part 2

Inter-portlet communication

These three tutorials give information on how to communicate from one portlet to another.

Techniques to use messaging in your portlet application

How information displayed on one portlet can be transferred to and acted upon by another portlet on the same page

IBM InfoCenter

IBM has a fairly comprehensive resource for Portal Server. It is the Portal Server InfoCenter. This has documentation on:

  • Installation
  • Developing Portals and Portlets
  • Administering Portals
  • Troubleshooting
  • Other resources

Portal Server installation

This is a basic installation overview by Sumona and Bret.

Installing IBM Portal Toolkit for Studio App Developer

This is a description of how to use and install the Portal Toolkit for Studio App Developer. We won't be doing Portlet Development without this.

Creating JavaDocs

Use the follwing command to create javaDocs for your code:

  C:\WebSphere\AppServer\java\bin>javadoc -d "<html\output\path>" -sourcepath "<java\source\path>" <your.package.name>

  for example (on a single line)

  C:\WebSphere\AppServer\java\bin>javadoc -d 

         "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\documentation\javadoc" 

         -sourcepath "C:\Program Files\IBM\Application Developer\bretg\MyFavorites\source" edu.utah.ebis

This is a "How-to" on creating javadocs including how to document your code.

This is the current documentation

Logs and other info

This is the book that I found on the web and it seems like having a different author, would you double check and make sure before we decide to buy it?

Websphere Portal Primer

An example portal site

The following are links to websphere portal server documents:

WebSphere Portal Site analysis

Logging management: Websphere Portal Server

Portlet charts: Websphere Portal Server

Websphere Portal Directory structure http://www-3.ibm.com/software/webservers/portal/library/enable/InfoCenter/wps/wpsdirstr.html

Developing an XML request file for XML Access in Websphere Portal Version 4.1

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