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Installing Portal Server

The following is a step-by-step summary of our installation procedure.

  1. Download the following files from the IBM Scholars download center under "IBM WebSphere Portal Enable V4.2 for Multiplatforms," or copy them from the Portal directory on \\
    NOTE: You must unzip them into a path that does not have spaces! For example, C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents will not work. C:\wps will work.

    Reinstalling after a failed installation If a product fails to install, do the following before you attempt to install again:

    • Locate the file vpd.properties and rename it. On Windows systems, this file is usually in c:\WINNT\.
    • If an uninstall program is available, run it before reinstalling the product. If the install failed before the uninstall program was created, delete the install directory and all of its contents before reinstalling the product. See the Uninstalling section for more information.

    After unziping the files into their own directories, follow these instructions from the InfoCenter:

    Web installation instructions

    Download wp42smmp.zip to a temporary directory.
    Change to that directory.
    Unzip wp42smmp.zip Before beginning the installation, refer to:

    • WebSphere Portal V4.2 - Enable Install Key
    • WebSphere Portal V4.2 - Planning Guide
    • WebSphere Portal V4.2 - Documentation

    The installation manager prompts you to select the components of the bundle to be installed. Download the components of this bundle that correspond with your selections before continuing with the installation. When you are prompted to insert a disc, point the installation manager to the directory with the corresponding downloaded and unzipped bundle component.

    For example, if you select DB2 (SBCS) for Windows, the installation manager prompts you to insert Disc 2-1 when it comes time to install that component of the bundle. Instead of inserting a disc, click Browse and select the path to the directory with the downloaded and unzipped files for 06) WebSphere Portal V4.1.1 - DB2 V7.2 for Windows SBCS (2-1).

    (Note: The disc number referenced by the installation manager appears in parentheses after the product title in the catalog.)

Here is a list of the zip files with corresponding disc numbers.
1 wp42http.zip
2-1 wp42d201.zip
2-2 wp42d202.zip
2-11 wp42d211.zip
3-2 wp42aswu.zip
4 wp42pcp4.zip
6-1 wp42sadw.zip
7 wp42cpi7.zip

Start Installation

  • Run install.bat to launch the installation manager.
  • Choose Standard Installation
  • Don't bother with the response file
  • Select the following components
    • Select Websphere Portal Content Publishing
    • Deselect Lotus Architect
    • Select Websphere Portal
    • Select WEbsphere Application Server Advanced v 4
    • Deselect Lotus Domino
    • Select IBM HTTP Server
    • Select DB2 Universal Database
  • Use default values unless we say otherwise
  • Whenever a username and password are required do the following:
    • If there is a default value, leave it
    • Use Administrator as a username
    • Use the standard e.bis password
  • In WPCP Authoring Server
    • In Authoring Selection select Authoring Server Sample
    • In Lotus Workflow Selection choose None for Workflow provider
  • In Documentation select a custom folder to put the documentation into.
  • In Portal Server
    • In Authentication Mode select Database only mode
    • In Server Configuration put the Hostname for server as the IP address of the machine
    • In Lisence Use Management put the LUM Server Hostname as the IP address of the machine
  • If you get the following error:
    Setup failed to start the WebSphere Administrative Server. Please manually start it and then press OK.

    Do the following:
    • Figure out how to fix it
    • Tell Bret so he can update this page

IBM Portal Toolkit for WebSphere Studio Application Developer

This is a description of how to use and install the Portal Toolkit for Studio App Developer. We won't be doing Portlet Development without this.

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