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Start date:

Summer 2001


Arizona Cancer Center (AZCC), Dr. Gene Gerner, Dr. David Mount

Working staff:

Faculty - Dr. Olivia Sheng, UA-MIS and Dr. David Mount, UA-Biology and AZCC
Students - Dr. Hua Su, Sherry Sun, Hui Liu, Liangdong Huang and Yakov Kimolov, UA-MIS


Research on the genetic, diet and environmental variability as prognostic or predictive factors for cancer risks is important for cancer prediction, cancer gene profiling, and drug and therapy discovery in the Arizona Cancer Center and other research organizations in both public and private sectors. One of the main challenges facing the research is how to integrate, share and analyze the diverse and dispersed bio-medical information including gene expression and changes, microarray, tumor count, medication, chemotherapeutic agents, drug inhibitors, genetic background, and clinical trial and history data from basic science research and clinical practices. The goal of establishing MyGeneBank is to provide researchers, clinicians and the general public easy access, flexible querying, statistical and data mining analysis, and data visualization capabilities through a personalized portal and integrated data warehouses and computational resources. We expect to produce innovations in knowledge management technologies and services for cancer and other bio-medical applications.



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