Ph.D. Curriculum Committee, 2002-2003

School of Accounting and Information Systems

David Eccles School of Business

University of Utah


Members: Christine Botasan (Co-Chair), Barry Cushing, Olivia Sheng (Co-Chair)


Objective: To recommend changes in our Ph.D. curriculum, examination, monitoring/assessment and recruiting policies so as to increase the rigor of our Ph.D. program and enhance Ph.D. studentsí research training and experiences in capital market, AIS and/or IS areas.


Initial Milestones:




Committee Meeting Schedule:



            - Summary of Relevant Comments from 2002 Retreat (by Dr. Barry Cushing) 

            - Committee Charge (by Dr. David Plumlee) 

            - UofU 2002 PhD Policy

            - AIS Ph.D. Policy 

            - DESB Ph.D. Policy

            - Benchmark Programs

                    - PhD programs in IS area from other universities

            - Related Programs

                    - POMMarketing Program

                    - Computer Science Ph.D courses in U of Utah

                    - Math Ph.D courses in U of Utah

                    - Business Ph.D courses in U of Utah

                    - Graduate Statistics Courses at UU