Oracle Data Mart Builder Administrator's Guide
Release 2.6







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1 Starting Oracle® Data Mart Builder Admin

Starting Oracle Data Mart Builder Admin
Connecting to a Repository
Configuration for Windows 95
A Quick Look at Oracle Data Mart Builder Admin
Exiting Oracle Data Mart Builder Admin

2 Overview of Oracle Data Mart Builder Admin

Repository Features
Data Collection Agent Features
DC Agent Performance Features
Security Features
User Accounts
Mapping Repository Accounts to Database Logins
Default Roles
Public Groups
Security Groups
Cache Groups
Publish/Subscribe Groups

3 Working With the Repository

Creating a Repository
Creating an Empty Oracle Database
Permissions at the Database Level
Considerations for Oracle Repositories
Running Required SQL Procedures
Setting Up Network Access to the Database
Running dmbconf.exe
Building Repository Tables
Registering the Repository
Rebuilding a Repository
Repository Content
Viewing Repository Properties
Viewing Items in a Repository
Setting a BaseView for Snap Tables
Ownership of Snap Tables
Cleaning Up Snap Tables
Querying and Reporting on Metadata in the Repository
Reporting on Plan Execution Data Contained in the Repository
Enabling and Disabling Plan Tracking
Generating Reports About Plan Execution
Plan Completion Report
Step Completion Report
Audit Report
Cleaning Up a Repository
Backing Up a Repository
Deleting a Repository

4 Modifying Properties of Repository Items

Managing BaseViews
Viewing BaseView Properties
Setting Logins for a BaseView
Specifying a Valid Database Login
Mapping a Login to a User Account
Modifying BaseView Properties
Setting Data Source Configuration Values for a BaseView
Managing MetaViews
Viewing MetaView Properties
Setting Permissions for a MetaView
Managing Plans and Snaps
Viewing All Scheduled Plans
Modifying a Public Description or Public Keyword
Specifying Pre-Plan and Post-Plan Commands
Changing the Owner of Plans and Snaps
Auditing Plans and Snaps
Optimizing Plan Execution
Viewing Scheduling Properties for a Specific Plan
Unscheduling Plans
Viewing Plan and Snap Publish/Subscribe Properties
Deleting Plans and Snaps
Managing Transforms
Registering a New Transform
Modifying a Transform
Deleting a Transform

5 Managing the DC Agent

Adding a DC Agent
Permissions for DC Agent Tasks
Installing a DC Agent
Installing a Windows NT DC Agent
Registering a DC Agent
Choosing a Protocol
Choosing a Platform
Starting a DC Agent
Configuring a DC Agent to Start Automatically
Viewing DC Agent Status
Halting a Plan
Stopping a DC Agent
Configuring a DC Agent
Setting a New Configuration Value
Understanding the DC Agent Cache
The Free Queue
Managing DC Agent Swap Files
Adding a DC Agent Swap File
Resizing a DC Agent Swap File
Deleting a DC Agent Swap File
Monitoring the DC Agent
Removing a DC Agent
Disabling a DC Agent
Unregistering a DC Agent

6 Configuring Users

Using Windows NT Security
Setting Security on a Windows NT DC Agent Machine
User Account Integration
Using Default Roles
Creating a Role
Modifying a Role
Deleting a Role
Cache Groups
Creating a Cache Group
Modifying a Cache Group
Deleting a Cache Group
Security Groups
Creating a Security Group
Modifying a Security Group
Deleting a Security Group
Publish/Subscribe Groups
Creating a Publish/Subscribe Group
Modifying a Publish/Subscribe Group
Deleting a Publish/Subscribe Group
Managing Users
Creating a User
Creating a User Template
Importing Users
Setting User Password Attributes
Changing the Owner of a Plan or Snap
Deleting a User Object
Modifying a User
Deleting a User


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