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University of Utah's e.bis (Enterprise and Business Intelligence Systems) research laboratory is at the forefront of research organizations in creating uniquely valuable approaches to system scalability and knowledge agility. Developing and deploying innovations in data mining and integration, knowledge and content management, process and system re-engineering are seen by the e.bis research lab as opportunities to offer support for transforming enterprises using today and tomorrow's technologies.

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Faculty and students in the e.bis research lab have been developing specialized data mining and knowledge refreshing techniques for application in managing customer relationships, personalizing knowledge management, click-stream analysis, process mining, medical information management and diagnosis support, and bio-information and gene data analysis. The lab has had extensive collaborations with Toshiba Medical Systems, IBM, Tivoli, Sun Microsystems, U.S. Army and Navy, Arizona Health Science Center, Arizona Cancer Center, University of Arizona's financial, budget, procurement and computing support offices and Arizona Department of Transportation. Examples of work include system integration and caching and storage management, process modeling and re-engineering, portal design, e-procurement technology, commercial vehicle information management, adaptive diagnostic systems and knowledge management and discovery for cancer risk prediction and treatment development using integrated gene expression, basic research and clinical data.

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